OCBA Committees

The OCBA has 24 committees designed to provide you with current and timely information in your legal specialty area, develop CLE seminars, submit articles for The Briefs magazine and participate in a wide variety of community service projects and OCBA-sponsored social events. We encourage you to become involved with one or more of these committees.

Committee chairs and members - You are invited to submit articles on a substantive topic for publication consideration in The Briefs.

Please note new publication schedule:

Sept. 2014 - No issue
Oct. 2014 issue deadline: Aug. 15 (Election law theme)
Nov. 2014 issue deadline: Sept. 15 (Veterans theme)
Dec. 2014 issue - No issue
Jan. 2015 issue deadline: Oct. 15
Feb. 2015 issue deadline: Nov. 15
Mar. 2015 issue deadline: Jan. 15 (Sports theme)
Apr. 2015 - No issue
May 2015 issue deadline: Mar. 15
June 2015 issue deadline: Apr. 15
July 2015 issue deadline: May 15

Please see submission criteria. If you have questions, please contact Peggy Storch, Communications Manager, by email.



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