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Eric Dubois Esq.


Greetings!! It is my hope this finds you well. I am running for Circuit Judge for 9th Judicial Circuit and believe that I am the best candidate for the job based on my experience, temperament and commitment to the community. As a Judge, one must respect the rule of law and be able to apply the law to the facts presented, and it is my belief that by practicing various areas of law, I have the experience needed to be the next Circuit Judge in Orange and Osceola County.

As a Florida native and a graduate of Barry University School of Law, here in Orlando, I am committed to serving Central Florida and believe that there is more to being a Judge then just making decisions in the Courtroom. The Judiciary is an essential division of government and one that the public often overlooks and doesn’t understand the role it plays. When elected Judge I plan on reaching out to our local schools and talking to students about the role the Courts play in our community and how honesty, integrity and dedication are essential to reaching your goals.

While judicial candidates are restricted from talking about most issues that are on the minds of all of us today, when elected I promise to follow the Constitution and Laws of the State of Florida, maintain civility and respect in the courtroom treat all individuals as equals regardless of why they are in Court, and promote equality and justice.

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Eric Dubois, Esq. · 407-702-3035 · Contact by email