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Leticia Marques Esq.


Professional Experience: Letty has been practicing law in Central Florida for 29 years. She is well respected as an attorney, and has extensive courtroom trial experience in criminal, family and personal injury law. After graduation from Georgetown Law, (where she made Law Review and was one of the editors in her third year), she started her career as an attorney at the Public Defender’s Office for the Ninth Circuit, where she tried all types of criminal cases. After three years, she moved to private practice with the Draper Law Firm in Kissimmee, trying family law and criminal cases, including several death penalty cases. In 1995 she joined Martinez & Dalton, P.A. in Orlando. While with Martinez and Dalton, she practiced in the area of personal injury, trying cases in courtrooms all over Central Florida. In 2001 Leticia left to form her own law firm, Leticia J. Marques, P.A., where her practice has continued to keep her in the courtroom, dealing with personal injury cases. Letty has been on the JNC short list for an appointed judicial position four times in recent years, an honor that she attributes to her decades of court experience, her reputation for being even-tempered and her ability to deal well with stress and pressure. Letty is also fluent in Spanish which has been a major asset throughout her career.

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