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The Hon. Timothy R. Shea


Judge Tim Shea embodies the three key ingredients of a successful jurist: Judicial Experience, Legal Experience and Life Experience.

After having served on the Criminal Felony Bench for the first four years of his judicial tenure, Judge Shea is now assigned to the Domestic Relations Bench where he has earned the respect of his colleagues as well as Marital and Family Law Practitioners.

Prior to assuming his Judicial Position, Judge Shea’s legal practice was quite varied. Tim Shea represented clients in criminal cases (both felonies and misdemeanors), juvenile delinquency, juvenile dependency, employment discrimination, traditional labor law (NLRA), and general civil litigation in both federal and state courts. Judge Shea brings a keen understanding of the vast legal landscape to his judicial responsibilities.

As the married father of three adult children, Judge Shea brings a wealth of life experience to his judicial assignments. Tim Shea knows what it’s like to face life’s daily struggles and his rulings reflect the compassion and understanding one would expect from a public servant who wields judicial power.

Judge Tim Shea: Judicial Experience. Legal Experience. Life Experience.

The Hon. Timothy R. Shea · 407-353-4445 · Contact by email