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Phil K. Calandrino

AV-rated Orlando business attorney, Phil Calandrino, is a dyed-in-the wool Floridian. He moved here from Illinois with his parents in 1984. Back then, as excited as he was to be in Florida, he had lifelong dreams of becoming a lawyer like his uncle. So, after being part of the first graduating class of Dr. Phillips High School, Phil went off to business school at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. (1994) and then on to law school at Indiana University School of Law, in Bloomington (1998), to soak up all the business law lectures he could and to watch Coach Bobby Knight throw tantrums – along with an occasional chair or two – up and down the basketball court.

Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, Phil learned what it really meant to be a small business owner. So, when he graduated from law school, he could think of no better career than being an entrepreneur himself, especially one who helps other like-minded people start and grow their businesses.

Phil works with small business owners to start, buy, and sell business ventures, raise financing for those enterprises, protect the assets of the business and its owners, and draft agreements for all varieties of business relationships. Phil is also a hard-nosed business trial attorney and has been quoted by dozens of national media outlets. He is admitted to practice in all Florida federal and state courts and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.
Phil is acting OCBA Business Law Committee chairman and a Barrister in the Inns of Court. He is also involved with the Dr. Phillips Rotary Club and West Orange Chamber of Commerce.

Calandrino Law Firm, P.A. · 407-601-4905 · Contact by email

Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine is a body language expert, jury consultant, and Florida Supreme Court County mediator specializing deception detection, and volunteers her time as a teen court judge in Seminole County. Susan is the most requested and leading body language expert that serves as “Prime Time” contributor to:

CNN- The Today’s Show with Kathy Lee & Hoda
ABC – Dateline with Mike Murphy and Nightline
CBS – Inside Edition
HLN AND CNN- Dr. Drew, Issues: with Jane Velez Mitchell, Nancy Grace, Prime Time with Vinnie Politian, Justice: with Judge Pirro
Tru TV- “In Session” with Ryan Smith
Fox News - Hannity, Fox & Friends, What’s Happening Now, and Shepard Smith
Associated Press - Reuters, Chicago Tribute, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times Journal, and Orlando Sentinel
National Radio Contributor- Clear Channel in Los Angeles and Sacramento, California; WOC In Davenport, Iowa; WGBN in Youngstown, Ohio; WTKK in Boston; KMED in Medford, Oregon; WTVN in Columbus, Ohio; and Clear Channel in Orlando, Florida.

Susan developed and conducts CLE, CME, CJE, and CPE certification programs for continuing education across the country in how to Evaluating Truthfulness. Susan extensive training in investigative interviewing, interrogations, analytic and cognitive interviewing caught the attention of fortune 500 companies, law enforcement, judges, attorneys, investigators, and mediators. Her “top-secret” profiling and rapport building skills in “reading people” has trained thousands of professionals in how to read, interpret, and predict verbal objections before they are expressed so that one may obtain the competitive edge in trial, mediation, negotiations, sales, and leadership.

President · Silent Messages Inc. · 407-405-3417 · Contact by email